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You’ve probably heard about the rapid development of NFT. Digital trading cards, art and music, it’s all NFT. Sales are breaking records: $2.5 billion was generated in the first half of 2021, and the “average” price of an NFT piece fluctuates between $2,000 and $5,000.

As more and more users create and buy NFTs, the stability and sustainability of the blockchain needs to be improved so that the future of NFTs is predictable. This is where the Unique Network project should help.
Unique Network is the first NFT blockchain created for Polkadot and Kusama. It’s also a fully scalable blockchain for composite NFTs. The team believes that their technology and infrastructure will provide a sustainable future, free from the limitations, delays and obstacles that NFT faces today.

Note that Unique Network won the titles of “Blockchain Builder Champion” and during the first-ever hackathon for the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem. Since then, Unique Network’s productive and close relationship with the Polkadot team has flourished: the company has received five Web3 grants and collaborated on several NFT releases.

Unique Network’s distinctive features are

Flexible economic models

Suppose you are interested in creating NFTs and selling them. In this case, you need a flexible marketplace to offer your audience the best possible experience and to differentiate yourself from the competition. By building your business on Unique Network, you will be able to choose how your customers interact with your platform and NFT thanks to the ability to sponsor transaction fees (a first in cryptocurrency), subscriptions and scheduled transactions. These features make the relationship between you and your customers more sustainable.

Sustainable NFT

NFTs have experienced explosive growth since early 2021. However, they have gained a reputation for being unsustainable. This reputation stems from the fact that NFTs on Ethereum use the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, which is very energy intensive. Awareness of this fact was one of the reasons Unique Network decided to build a network based on the Polkadot relay chain, a proof-of-concept consensus network with a much smaller carbon footprint than PoW, which Ethereum uses.

Fully customizable trading floor

The team has created a fully customizable trading floor tailored to the needs of end customers. Whether you’re running an NFT gallery, marketplace, wallet, or just mining, you’ll be able to create your marketplace based on the open-source white-label solution. The developers provide the tools and expertise to make your NFT marketplace profitable.

Advanced ownership and management capabilities

A high level of customization is achievable with ownership, management and white-label technology that supports and reinforces the revolutionary innovation of the peer-to-peer creative economy. Unique NFTs can be rented, mapped and managed by delegated parties; the owner can share and distribute returned NFTs.

Interaction between NFTs

Unique Network believes that communication and interconnectivity are critical to continued success. Any NFT created in the Unique Network can actually own other NFTs to communicate with each other and influence the properties of related assets.


The team offers the ability to scale without fear of problems. Built on the Substrate blockchain, Unique Network allows you to run your NFT platform without worrying about network congestion, the number of users, transactions or high transaction fees. This feature also provides greater interoperability with other Substrate chains and the implementation of fully heterogeneous, multi-chain interoperability.

Unique Network’s blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem can be seen as the foundation for standards and good practices serving any software that uses or relates to NFT.
As such, Unique Network aims to provide its users with rich functionality and flexible customization options. This includes multiple levels of authorization, economic models that allow for freemium-marketing applications, various administration options, and advanced anti-spam protection. The goal of the project is to cover a wide range of NFT application development needs and provide maximum profit for those who want to make money from them.
Symbolic of the project’s recognition is that Unique Network has been selected as the exclusive blockchain partner for the UN-related NFT climate initiative- DigitalArt4Climate. The initiative aligns with the UN’s proclamation of 2021 as the “Creative Economy for Sustainable Development,” which emphasizes the value of creativity as a uniquely powerful resource in implementing and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The United Nations has recognized NFT technology as a new means of creative expression that can help amplify information about how people can engage in meaningful individual action on climate change.
As part of an initiative with the UN, Unique Network will create and host an NFT DigitalArt4Climate marketplace where artists and web designers can showcase their work. The marketplace is built on the project’s ready-to-use solution set, fully optimized for energy efficiency.
Thus, Unique Network is one of the most promising and socially oriented projects designed to make the NFT sphere even more profitable and safe for all participants.

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Верю в CRYPTO и NFT Делюсь этим в своем блоге! Добро пожаловать ! Подписывайтесь в переди много интересного!

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Верю в CRYPTO и NFT Делюсь этим в своем блоге! Добро пожаловать ! Подписывайтесь в переди много интересного!

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