The cryptocurrency market has a large number of projects that are similar to each other. However, there are really unique projects that not only have the original token, but also the corresponding infrastructure, designed not only for earning traders, but also for developers. Moonbeam is one of these.

Let’s note right away that Moonbeam is a unique level 1.5 chain, reflecting the RPC Ethereum Web3, accounts. Moonbeam makes Ethereum’s starter feature set even more advanced by equipping it with other features such as chain management, stacking, and so on.

In fact, this means that the project is designed for those who are application developers. It makes applications compatible with the ETH network, building bridges between new applications and the Ethereum blockchain.

What are the benefits of Moonbeam?

Let’s mention just a few of them. In particular, developers of their platforms and applications don’t have to rewrite, reconfigure smart contracts. They’re up and running almost immediately.

Moonbeam supports Solidity, Vyper and anything that compiles into EVM byte code. Ethereum-based tools can be used, they are MetaMask, Remix, Hardhat.

Built-in integrations for ERC-20, Chainlink and TheGraph services are provided. You can get quick access to Polkadot assets

These are just the main advantages of the project! Let’s take a look at its tokenomics.

Moonbeam Tokenomics

The ecosystem uses its own token. This is the Glimmer token (GLMR). It performs a large number of functions. In particular, it makes the network fully functional. It is used to pay commissions, support network operations, and perform smart contacts. The token is also needed for gas accounting.

In addition, the token makes it possible to vote in the system, to select the company’s board. It can be stored in different wallets, in particular Metamask and others.

Now let’s move on to an important component of the Moonriver system.


Moonbeam also includes Moonriver. It makes it possible to quickly deploy new or existing Solidity DApps in the Moonriver parachain, as well as quickly access the Kusama network.

What is the main difference between the network and all the others? It’s that all developers have access and can use Moonbeam builds on the canary network, which is connected to Kusama.

Also, everyone in the community will be allowed to be token holders of the network’s MOVR tokens, which means that they have an effective mechanism for controlling the future of the network. Like Moonbeam, Moonriver has its own token.

MOVR Token

This token is used in the network to accompany gas metering when smart contracts are executed. In addition, it is needed to incentivize collectors, to improve the development mechanisms of decentralized nodes. Also, the token should help more efficient management in the network. The token is used for voting, elections. Naturally, the token is needed on the network in order to conduct commission payments. Right now there are 10 million tokens issued on the network.

Given this unique infrastructure of Moonbeam and Moonriver, it’s not hard to conclude that many projects have started working with them.

What projects have already partnered with them?

A large number of projects work with them. Their number exceeds several hundred. Let us mention only some of them. In particular, dTrade, Mars, myNFT, Unifly, Ankr, Biconomy, DIA, and many others are partners with them. The fact that so many projects work with them indicates that Moonbeam and Moonriver are really in demand among developers and investment funds.

Now it’s worth mentioning the Moonbeam Project Ambassador program.


Regarding the Ambassador program, it is for those who are interested in Polkadot, who want to be more active in the team, to help develop the project, and to access Moonbeam team building. Those who want to become project ambassadors will be invited to create content, blogs, take part in writing code, hold meetings on behalf of Moonbeam, participate in talks, represent the community at conferences, etc. Let’s take a look at upcoming tokenseals.


There is one tokensale that is scheduled to start as early as September 7. Every member of the Moonbeam community will be eligible to become a GLMR token. The event is called Take Flight. It was created specifically to thank the active participants of the community.
At the same time it will serve as an additional incentive for them to be even more active in the network. 80,000,000 service tokens have been allocated to the event. There will be three rounds. A white list has already been formed.

The team emphasizes that they would like to include as many users as possible, but that is not possible at this time. At the same time, it is emphasized that there will definitely be more tokenseals, so it is recommended to follow the news and take the most active part in the development of the project in order to get on the next white list.


Thus, after reviewing this project, it is clear that Moonbeam and Moonriver are unique in their own way. No platform has yet been able to surpass them in terms of application development and deployment functionality.

Every developer on their platform can take full advantage of their tools. Proof that Moonbeam and Moonriver are in high demand is the large list of foundations and companies working with them. And the most active members of the community can always count on various rewards.

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